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Cone Crusher

Company's main crushing equipment, sand making equipment, mobile crushing equipment, milling equipment, mineral processing equipment, building materials equipment, more equipment and so on seven big series, forty years always stick to the beginner's mind, good faith service every customer


Henan MINIGN Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.(HXJQ) covers an area of 350,000 square menters which includes 260,000 square menters of heavey duty industrial workshops.

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Extraordinary R&D Technology

We are responsible for each customer, every product and every solution, achieving a win-win situation.

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Your needs, we solve: red star to provide clients with one-stop professional services, in the whole process of the support line online customization, more worry subsequent installation and maintenance, etc.

Global service benefit the world

Quality is the life of the enterprise, is the soul of the brand. Red star machine firmly believe that only more professional intelligent techniques can produce better and better equipment.

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What Could Mining Machines Bring to Society?

In five and even ten years, the development of mining machine technology will become the focus of mining industry where mining machinery will be witnessed to illustrate a dramatic procedure of transforming from quantity to quality.

Red star machine with excellent technology, excellent quality and good service won the world thumb up, many enterprises at home and abroad to shine!

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Into the great bear, red star machine run firmly persistent power countries, assisted with the future of human life.