Hi Folks,

Welcome to my homepage WunschundHindernis.de which means “Wish and Obstacle”. Both parts are equally important. You need the wish to know where you want to go. And you also need to identify and share your obstacles so other people can help you to overcome them.

What I do

As you can see, my homepage is mainly written in German, but I also work with English speakers. I want to give you a short summary of what I do. I am a coach who specialises in helping people to solve questions connected to their Work-Life relationship. Here are some examples: Choosing a profession/business – Job application process – Career building – Career change – Coping with stress – Surviving a toxic work environment – Work-Life-Balance – Self-awareness – Communication style – Successful transition into retirement

I mainly work with clients via Skype. If you live abroad or in a different area than me this will be no problem.

How can I help?

So, in case you plan to come to Germany or change roles within Germany I can help you with questions like:

  • How does the German job market work?
  • What job would fit my talents?
  • What does the application process in Germany look like?
  • What kind of documents do German employers expect with an application?
  • How do I design an up-to-date CV?
  •  How do I make my skills and talents shine in an application?

Contact me

Simply use the contact form HERE or send me an email to wunschundhindernis@gmx.de

Share with me your wish and obstacle – I look forward to helping you!

Hilfe für alle, bei denen sich im Beruf oder Job etwas ändern soll oder muss. Veränderung gestalten statt abwarten!